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Master of Engineering Management

The Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program at Abu Dhabi University is offered by the College of Engineering in collaboration with the College of Business Administration and Purdue University-Calumet. The program accepted the first cohort of students in spring 2010. The program consists of 10 courses (30 credit hours), 7 of which are engineering courses and 3 are business courses. The students could also write a thesis in lieu of 2 elective courses. The new program accepts students with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, architecture, and computer science or IT. The MEM program offers its students unique opportunities for advanced education in the field of engineering management as well as opportunities for leadership growth at personal and professional levels. This program is an alternative to an MBA offered to engineers who are looking for improving their engineering education and acquiring business and management skills. The program aims at producing graduates who (i) can make responsible engineering and business decisions, (ii) have the knowledge and skills necessary for planning and strategic management of organizations, (iii) have the ability to use principles of engineering and management in the modeling, design, and management of complex systems, and (iv) are capable of using quality standards to assess the quality of engineering systems. The MEM program is essential as the UAE economy seeks to have effective and efficient industry. Well developed and fine-tuned engineering management skills are going to be needed to enable the country to attract and retain highly qualified international and local engineers. Failure to develop these engineering management skills at both strategic and operational levels is likely to result in the loss of professionals capable of managing engineering-based industries. This program has been introduced at Abu Dhabi University in response to the UAE market needs where engineering is driving all sectors of the industry and where engineering managerial positions are crucial to the UAE firms. The graduates of this program will train Emirati and expatriate professionals to lead and manage projects in the UAE engineering-based industries.
Required Credit Hours: minimum 30 hours


Career Options

The program will prepare you to advance into critical engineering management positions in key sectors where engineering disciplines and engineering management are crucial. Engineering disciplines are a driving force in the UAE economy and graduates of this program can expect to lead and manage projects in UAE engineering-based industries, as well as regionally and internationally.

The acquisition of a master’s degree demonstrates a high level of knowledge in your chosen field. You may use it to enhance your employability, as preparation for further academic research or as a means of professional training.