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Bachelor of Arts in English

Program Mission The BA program in English aims to graduate students who meet the national and regional needs for bilingual human resources in a variety of professions. It is designed to graduate students who possess the intellectual and academic knowledge and practical skills that prepare them for their future careers and the challenges of a fast changing world. Program Objectives The program aims at:
  1. Providing graduates with the skills required for mastering the English language as a means of communication, by offering courses in listening, speaking, reading and writing, from both practical and academic perspectives;
  2. Offering language programs tailored to students’ needs and market demand;
  3. Developing students’ ability to identify, analyze and resolve problems often encountered by learners of English as a foreign language;
  4. Preparing students for teaching English at different school levels through equipping them with requisite pedagogical awareness and well-informed classroom practices;
  5. Enhancing students’ linguistic, practical, and professional understanding of the nature of the translation process and its diverse fields;
  6. Promoting students’ innovation and productivity through appropriate academic guidance;
  7. Capitalizing on students’ ability to functionalize modern technological approaches and applications in developing personal capabilities and research methods for life-long learning; and
  8. Familiarizing students with the linguistic and literary communication resources for accomplishing different social, affective and cognitive actions and interactions.
Required Credit Hours: minimum 134 hours