Bachelor of Science in Management

The mission of the management program is to achieve excellence in delivering management knowledge. It aims to contribute to the competitiveness of the organizations of the UAE and the GCC in the global market-place by producing highly skilled, ethical and well-rounded graduates in areas of strategic relevance to the global economy.
Program Goals The program’s goals are to enable students to:
  • deal effectively and efficiently with managerial responsibilities, tasks and challenges in a changing and complex business environment
  • gain proficiency in modern analytical problem-solving, communication and decision- making skills
  • gain broad managerial skills, abilities and competences required in a globalized world
  • carry out research and postgraduate study
Program Educational Objectives
The objectives of the program are to:
  • Clarify management theories in leadership and justifications for the need of organizational reengineering, through professional programs and the managing of organizational assets
  • Explain organizational objectives of specialization, coordination, adaptation and alignment to benefit the community and the business milieu, and what is beneficial to the community and the business milieu
  • Identify quantitative and qualitative research and diagnosis tools and their appropriate end use through creative thinking and continuous learning
  • Raise student awareness to the managerial, ethical and other principles of “what is measurable is manageable”
  • Clarify the global multidimensional managerial challenges as they pertain to the various functions of the global corporation
  • Clarify the importance of strategic change and development, and the need for alignment to the principle of management by performance and results linked to an increasingly competitive environment
  • Explain the vital role of fundamental and quality standards in an applied business strategy, congruent with research for developing innovative products and services in tune with a highly competitive business environment
  • Explain the need for creative thinking in the employment field, thus turning out graduates who are able to use skills such as “thinking out of the box,” and intellectual capital-based innovation
  • Provide knowledge and skills appropriate for the conducting of research and the pursuit of postgraduate study
Career Opportunities Management is the art of getting things done by others. Hence, the need for future managers never stops, particularly for those who are equipped with the latest managerial knowledge skills and the ability to think analytically. The Bachelor of Science in Management program has been carefully crafted to meet market demands qualitatively. The program is intended to produce graduates who will be efficient and effective managers able to achieve organizational objectives. AUST management graduates have been well received in the job markets of the UAE and other Arabian Gulf countries for their outstanding teamwork, and creative and management leadership skills.
Required Credit Hours: minimum 126 hours
Required Credit Hours: minimum hours