Bachelor of Science in Finance

The mission of the finance degree program is to provide an educational experience that develops the student’s financial, technical, and critical thinking, communication skills, the ability to integrate both quantitative and qualitative factors into business and finance decisions, and to create and disseminate knowledge concerning value management in each of these fields.
Program Goals
The goals of the program are to:
  • Deliver to students the functional aspects of all areas of finance
  • Enable students to adapt to the changing environment of finance in the real world situation
  • Build analytical skills based on critical thinking, reasoning and communication
  • Enable students to further their studies in postgraduate and professional programs
Program Educational Objectives
The objectives of the program are to enable students to:
  • Gain an in-depth knowledge of the principles of finance
  • Integrate knowledge of the various areas of finance to solve business and finance problems
  • Develop a broader understanding of the functions of finance to facilitate effective decision-making processes
  • Understand the principles of efficient financial management abilities and strategies
  • Understand how changes in the business environment impact the various areas of finance
  • Analyze and research business problems from the financial point of view •    Analyze current and emerging issues in finance
  • Use financial analytical tools to evaluate financial markets behavior
  • Be able to make financial projections for corporations, projects and financial institutions
  • Demonstrate the proficiency in oral and written communication needed to make ethical and professional judgments in the financial world
Career Opportunities
The degree in finance adequately qualifies graduates for various corporate, financial, and management positions in areas such as Financial Analysis, Capital Budgeting, Cash and Risk Management, Portfolio Management, and Bank Management. It also prepares entrepreneurs operating their own business.
Required Credit Hours: minimum 126 hours