Bachelor of Science in Marketing

The mission of the marketing degree program is derived mainly from the philosophy and vision of AUST. Hence, the program’s mission is in line with the mission and objectives of the College of Business Administration. The focus of this mission is to impart high quality education that will develop the skills and knowledge of students in areas that will enable them to perform efficiently and effectively in their careers. Accordingly, both the structure of the course and the curricula are designed to achieve these ends.
Program Goals
The goals of the program are to enable students to:
  • Gain the knowledge and understanding of theoretical and applied aspects of marketing, as well as specialized areas, that will enable them to perform effectively in a variety of positions in the marketing profession
  • Analyze and communicate marketing knowledge using information technology to facilitate decision-making processes
  • Develop the communication, teamwork, critical thinking and problem-solving skills required in marketing activities in organizations
  • Conduct research in marketing and related areas
Program Educational Objectives
The objectives of the program are to enable students to:
  • Understand the role and practice of marketing within an organization and develop an understanding of theoretical and applied aspects of marketing
  • Understand international and national marketing strategies
  • Understand core concepts and comprehend and apply distribution strategies
  • Understand core concepts, comprehend and be adept in service marketing
  •  Become proficient in integrated marketing communications and comprehend buyer-seller behavior within the context of the overall market environment
  • Use computer-based tools to identify and analyze marketing data and information to facilitate decision-making processes
  • Consolidate marketing information with the various marketing activities • Communicate effectively and perform in and lead teams to achieve organizational objectives effectively
  • Use marketing knowledge and information to develop the critical thinking and problem solving skills needed to function effectively in organizations
  • Carry out research
Career Opportunities Graduates of the BSc in Marketing degree program are equipped for employment in marketing departments in the following sectors: government, multinational subsidiaries, national companies (especially those operating in distribution), manufacturing, advertising and marketing research. In addition, there are employment opportunities in the banking and hospitality sectors, the travel industry, insurance companies, advertising agencies, the media and other organizations that have marketing departments.
Required Credit Hours: minimum 126 hours