Bachelor of Education in Teacher Training Program in Arabic Language & Islamic Studies

The Arabic and Islamic Studies program aims at academically preparing a generation of graduates; holders of a college degree in Arabic Language and Islamic Studies who are able to participate in the enrichment of the intellectual, cultural, and educational institutions in and out of the UAE. The program reflects the diversity and complexity of the Arabic/Islamic culture and civilization. While studying Arabic Language and Islamic Studies, you will learn about the linguistics and culture of Arabic across history. You will also learn about the teaching methodology of Arabic language and Islamic studies and using the educational technology and its applications. If you are curious about how that language has grown over centuries, this may be the most suitable course of study for you. Arabic Language and Islamic Studies can set you off on many career paths; you can become a lecturer or a teacher. This field, in addition to the teaching profession, can help you join the fields of business, journalism ... etc. Moreover, the program is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. This program is introduced in Arabic Language.
Required Credit Hours: minimum 132 hours
Required Credit Hours: minimum hours