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About the College

College Mission:

Providing academic education discreet in Arabic in the fields of information, in the four tracks (print and electronic media - radio and television - the public relations and advertising - Graphic Design), and in Sociology and Social Work, in line with the highest international standards; the aim of preparing generations of professionals who are able to keep up with the latest developments and technological developments in these areas, a high level of quality, competence and professionalism.

College Vision:

In today's world, the forces of globalization and new technologies an increasingly compelling model for socially united, a model threatens in many aspects of the world's cultural diversity and human diverse and legacy, and then they need, more than ever, to the universities and institutions of higher education with a comprehensive vision; vision reflects national ambition to progress and modernity, while preserving the culture and national identity and preserve the traditions and values inherent. In the context of the above, the Faculty of Information and Media and Humanities, aims to promote and support the educational process within the community, and seek to pick these effects, and the adoption of aspects of the positive modernity, they believe that education, research and training needed to develop continuously, is that such a development will not be achieved However, in an open environment for renewal, environment, stimulate creativity and encourage the spread of centers of excellence, an environment where a solid infrastructure available, capable of supporting the communication process of academic interaction

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