About the College

The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (COPHS) was founded in 1996/1997 in accordance with the strategy adopted by AUST of establishing an Innovative Medical Environment embracing a number of disciplines that include beside pharmacy, dentistry, medical technology and nursing in line with the three dimensions of the strategic vision and educational philosophy of AUST: education, information and investment. According to AUST's educational philosophy, the essence of every successful institutional culture lies in the incorporation of the key elements: Teaching, training, research, expertise and practice. This approach has proved to be highly successful, creating an institutional culture for research and an active enthusiastic body of faculty committed to research activity. In retrospect, the establishment of COPHS was essential to meet the growing demand for pharmacists to provide manpower for the increasing number of private pharmacies and the growing pharmaceutical industry in the UAE and across the region. Over the years, COPHS has progressed and pioneered the offering of MScPharm program in the UAE. This development proves that COPHS is keen to fulfill its role in the advancement of the pharmacy profession.

 Academic Departments

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