Master of Science in Pharmacy Clinical Pharmacy

The MScPharm Program is consistent with university‟s mission and aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills that will enhance their competency as health care professionals. The program also promotes the mission of COPHS in raising awareness about current health issues and how to address them both at national and regional levels. In addition, it contributes to improvement of the pharmacy profession in the United Arab Emirates and the Arabian Gulf region by introducing new practices in pharmaceutical sciences.
MScPharm Goals
The MScPharm program is designed to equip pharmacists with the fundamental knowledge and skills that will give them the expertise to promote the pharmacy profession in the fields of clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical technology. .
Program Objectives
The MScPharm Program is designed for graduates holding a degree in pharmacy or in a related health science. The objectives of the program are:
  • acquire in-depth knowledge in applied pharmaceutical sciences.
  • advance skills in drug design, development and control.
  • increase knowledge of pharmacy practice and health care policies.
  • improve life-long learning skills, critical thinking and problem solving abilities.
  • acquire the ability to conduct applied research in the field of health sciences.
Program Learning Outcomes
Learning outcomes of the MScPharm program are intended to improve knowledge, skill and career of the graduates. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to:
  • apply their in-depth knowledge of the field to promote pharmacy practice.
  • demonstrate that they have gained practical skills in instrumental analysis, clinical testing and quality control of drugs.
  • evaluate therapeutic management of diseases based on knowledge of drug design, pharmacokinetics and pharmacotherapy.
  • demonstrate their ability to solve problems and suggest solutions in health issues related to the local community.
  • demonstrate their ability to conduct healthcare related research.
  • demonstrate that they have gained skills in communication with other health providers and beneficiaries.
Required Credit Hours: minimum 36 hours