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Bachelor of Architecture

Program Mission The Mission of the Architecture program is to prepare highly qualified graduates for professional employment in the field of architecture by educating students in the fundamental skills and knowledge of architecture, while integrating technological, artistic, socio-cultural, legal, and financial dimensions. The program will promote professional ethical values, cultural diversity, and environmental awareness. Program Goals
  • Prepare students who are able to think in a multidimensional and interactive way, integrating design skills, and human and physical aspects in a professional manner;
  • Prepare students for making choices and decisions with regards to technologies available in the market;
  • Instill in students a critical attitude in their approach to the history and theory of architecture and product design;
  • Prepare students who understand the human, socio-cultural, and economic dimensions of architectural design;
  • Prepare students who are aware of the physical context of environmental protection;
  • Graduate students who are ethically and technically prepared to embrace the profession of architecture;
  • Prepare students who are able to communicate effectively.
Program Learning Outcomes Upon completion of the B.Arch., students will be able to:
  • Generate design that responds to and integrates fundamental design skills with knowledge in history and theory of architecture, building technology, socio-cultural and economic considerations, as well as professional, legal and ethical aspects in an interactive manner;
  • Produce design that integrates building technology, construction, systems, and materials in a creative and original manner;
  • Produce design that demonstrates knowledge of fundamental design skills, as well as history and theory of architecture;
  • Produce design that acknowledges and integrates the human, sociocultural, and economic aspects at the local, regional, and global levels;
  • Produce design that demonstrates awareness, concern, and understanding of the physical context, as well as environmental and ecological issues;
  • Produce design that demonstrates understanding of architectural practice in administrative, financial, and legal terms and observes ethical standards; Demonstrate the ability to produce and present architectural designs by communicating clearly and effectively in oral, written and graphical forms, as well as in advanced digital software and media.
Required Credit Hours: minimum 166 hours