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Bachelor of Business Adminsitration

Program Mission The mission of the B.B.A. program is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to become effective and responsible managers and leaders in today’s global economy. The program prepares graduates for a - wide array of careers in business-related fields and/or graduate studies. The program promotes problem solving, ethical values, social responsibility, and cultural diversity. Program Learning Outcomes Upon completion of the program, students will demonstrate that they have acquired:
  1. A well-rounded foundation in the functional disciplines of business and in the cognate areas
  2. A holistic view of the firm and an ability to integrate the different functional areas of business
  3. Effectiveness in the use of oral, written and technology-supported communication skills
  4. Proficiency in the business applications of information technology
  5. A global outlook and an appreciation of the international dimensions of business
  6. An awareness of ethical issues and of the importance of ethical conduct in business practice
  7. A broad and deep understanding of their major discipline (for students completing a major)
B.B.A. Majors The School of Business Administration offers majors withtin the Bachelor of Business Adminsitration. Accounting, Economics and Finance The Accounting and Finance programs prepare students for the exciting and challenging fields of accounting and finance as curricula are structured in such a way, that students develop the necessary skills which enable them to succeed professionally. Management The Management Program provides students with a solid understanding of both quantitative aspects of Management such as Operations Management and Decision Making as well as qualitative aspects including Leadership, Change and Innovation, and Organizational Behavior. Our graduates can deal effectively with operational issues but they also possess strong skills of analysis and synthesis that help them tackle complex and unique challenges requiring in-depth understanding of not only events that occur but, crucially, how and why such events happen. Graduates of the Management Program are the managers of the future ready to climb the corporate ladder. Marketing and Marketing Communications The Marketing major focuses on providing students with a solid understanding of the processes by which customers are both acquired and retained by companies. Students who possess broad interpersonal and communications skills, who value logic and creativity, as well as students who are entrepreneurial in nature, consider marketing to be the venue in which those interests may be pursued. The Marketing Communications major may be best suited for those students with an interest in the communication aspects of marketing. Unlike traditional advertising, Marketing Communications focuses on comprehensive brand development through creative execution of messages, data-driven communication analysis, sales promotion, public relations, event sponsorship, and effective media management.
Required Credit Hours: minimum 123 hours
Required Credit Hours: minimum hours