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Master of Business Administration

The M.B.A. program is a graduate-level, twelve-course, 36 credit hour program. It consists of nine common core courses and three advanced elective/concentration courses. Eight of the common core courses provide broad exposure to the functional areas of management. The seventh common core course, Strategic Management and Policy, is the program’s capstone course and is normally taken during the last term in the program. In their application for admission, students must specify whether they are interested in pursuing the Generalist M.B.A. program or a program with a concentration in Finance or Marketing. The M.B.A. Thesis is optional for all students and counts as an advanced elective for those who choose the Thesis option. Mission The Mission of the M.B.A. program is to provide graduates who aspire to leadership and management roles within the field of business administration with the opportunity to pursue a high level of professional preparation which will enhance their prospective career options. The M.B.A. curriculum is designed to ensure a broad and integrated conceptual coverage of the functional areas of business, by enabling the application of the concepts, principles, analytical tools and techniques from the different business disciplines to guide decision making in the global environment of business. The program promotes strategic thinking, ethical values, social responsibility, and cultural diversity. Program Learning Outcomes Upon completion of the program, students will demonstrate that they have acquired:
  1. A broad understanding of the conceptual foundations of the functional disciplines of business and of their applications
  2. An ability to identify, analyze and propose solutions to business problems across a wide range of functional areas
  3. A profound understanding of the conceptual foundations of their selected functional area (for students completing a concentration) and an ability to investigate and formulate recommendations for managerial decision problems and policy issues in that area
  4. An ability to use quantitative and qualitative techniques skillfully to assess the functional and overall performance of business organizations.
  5. An ability to use business communication and presentation skills effectively and persuasively, both orally and in writing
  6. A global perspective and an understanding of the international environment of business
  7. An understanding of the ethical and social ramifications of business decisions
The M.B.A at AUD Generalist The Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) is an internationally-recognized post graduate degree designed to prepare students for a successful business management career. M.B.A. Generalist studies can be particularly useful for those pursuing an entrepreneurial career or a business position in the public sector, government, or private industry. Our M.B.A. program provides core studies and practical skills needed to excel in management and leadership positions. The Generalist M.B.A. degree is valuable to people in business and administration irrespective of the industry or profession in which they may work due to the potential of the degree to lead to executive and managerial positions. Finance Concentration The common courses in our M.B.A. program expose our students to the functional areas of management. Students choosing the Finance Concentration will in addition gain competency in the tools required to effectively contribute to the financial decision-making process for a variety of businesses and organizations that require special understanding of financial analysis, financial management and financial systems. Students are thoroughly prepared to evaluate, recommend and implement financial strategies in a variety of business organizations, both in the private and public sectors. Therefore the finance concentration allows students to develop a balance between overall management skills needed in all business situations, and the technical financial skills needed to work in finance industry. Management Concentration Business leaders and managers require appropriate soft skills and technical tools to successfully lead their organizations and business units. One of their main responsibilities is to plan and execute business operations in-line with the corporate’s mission and strategic priorities. Beside the essential skills in making process-oriented decisions at the strategic and tactical levels, they also need profound knowledge in HR management, excellent leadership skills, and expertise in organizational development processes. Organizations often need to pass through phases of transformation, innovation, and change. Without business professionals who are skilled at driving organizations through turbulent periods, those organizations will be set to fail. MBA students concentrating in Management will absolutely be ready to face and deal with episodes of instability, and lead their organizations and business units to success. Marketing Concentration Marketers focus on the strategies and processes necessary to profitably acquire and retain customers by discovering consumer needs, developing high-value products and services, communicating product and brand benefits, and arranging for efficient and effective distribution these products and services. At the heart of marketing’s popularity is its ability to offer genuine opportunities for all kinds of individuals - those who see themselves having expansive interpersonal and communication skills, are particularly entrepreneurial, or those who see themselves as being highly logical and creative. Our experienced faculty will provide you with high-quality learning experiences in and out of the classroom; experiences which will help foster the skills and tools needed for you to become a dynamic and forward-thinking marketing director or executive, brand and account manager, sales manager, marketing research analyst, or entrepreneur capable of success anywhere in the world. Required Credit Hours: minimum hours