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Master of Science in Construction Management

Mission The mission of the Master of Science Program in Construction Management is to prepare a culturally diverse student population for successful careers by equipping them with the technical tools needed to plan, manage, and execute construction programs and projects in a safe, sustainable, and ethical manner. The Program provides a unique integration of global and regional perspectives within the curriculum, and emphasizes the role of technology, technical communication, and research in the construction management profession. Goals The M.S.C.M. prepares graduates who will:
  • ¬†advance in their professional careers in the field of construction management, by building upon the knowledge acquired during their graduate studies
  • engage in and lead a broad range of construction projects in diverse multi-cultural and multinational environments
  • ¬†supplement their Engineering knowledge with competencies in verbal and written communication, negotiation, project planning and management, and financial management
  • demonstrate social and ethical responsibility by observing the principles of sustainability, safety, and cost control in construction
  • stay technically current by continuing to seek learning opportunities such as professional development, training, and research
Learning Outcomes Upon completion of the Master of Science in Construction Management, students will have demonstrated:
  • proficiency in the core areas of construction planning, scheduling, estimating, cost control, and productivity
  • an understanding of advanced construction methods and modern equipment used in medium to large-scale projects
  • thorough familiarity with the benefits and risks associated with different construction project delivery methods and contract types
  • an ability to apply probability, statistics, and decision analysis in project planning, infrastructure durability evaluation, and health monitoring of constructed facilities
  • competency in technical report writing, verbal communication, construction project documentation, and computer applications
  • in-depth understanding of the regional and international laws and regulations governing construction organizations and operations
  • a strong awareness of the professional and ethical obligations governing the construction management profession at the regional and global levels
  • knowledge of current issues in construction and appreciation for research and continued professional development in the field.
Required Credit Hours: minimum hours