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American University in Dubai

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

Living in an era of globalization, people can either watch events unfold from a distance or learn to understand how modern growth and its foundations are related. This world is driven by international banking and finance, telecommunications and information access, and the interactions of geographical regions and peoples. In this world, people encounter historical traditions, political systems which were born under very different conditions, and a diversity of cultures. The Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (B.A.I.S.) degree is designed to provide the educational context in which to understand this “big picture.” The American University in Dubai offers the B.A.I.S. degree for the students with a passion to make a positive impact and induce change. AUD seeks to capitalize on the international nature of its host city of Dubai as well as the increasing international nature of existence for people around the world. The B.A.I.S. program design promotes more than just understanding of the four disciplines – History, Business, Politics and Culture. It cultivates knowledge in the overlap between the various disciplines at the same time. It builds a capacity for thinking in interdisciplinary ways, and promotes connections between subjects that are usually presented at other universities as separate domains. Program Mission The Mission of the B.A.I.S. is to provide students with an interdisciplinary educational experience focusing on Politics, History, Business, and Culture. The program is designed to enhance students’ employment opportunities within the global marketplace and increase their ability to examine global issues from various perspectives. Program Goals The B.A.I.S. is an interdisciplinary program combining courses in the areas of business, social sciences and humanities, and arts and sciences. The primary goal of this degree is the development of students as leaders in an increasingly globalized world, while students learn the critical tools of several disciplines through interdisciplinary study. The wider goals of the program, which reflect this focus, are:
  • To promote the diversity of culture against a background of increasing interdependence and globalization at both the economic and political levels;
  • To prepare students for international careers in the global marketplace;
  • To develop students capable of understanding and analyzing international issues from a variety of theoretical frameworks; and
  • To foster collaboration among students, and support the development of research, analytical, and language skills.
Program Learning Outcomes Upon completion of the degree, students will be able to
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing at an intermediate level in a language other than English;
  • Demonstrate understanding of the connections between culture, business, economics, and politics;
  • Apply the principles of political science to analyze key topics in international affairs and the interconnection between local and global geo-political issues and events;
  • Synthesize fundamental tenets of business and economics with increased awareness and basic understanding of how international corporations and global markets operate;
  • Critically examine personal values, religious beliefs, social norms and issues coming from diverse cultures, world views, and experiences;
  • Identify historical events, issues and themes which have shaped current world conditions
Required Credit Hours: minimum 120 hours