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American University in the Emirates

American University in the Emirates

Bachelor of Education - Educational Technology

The development of the digital world has brought with it exciting new career paths in the field of education. Classrooms across the globe now rely on educational technology as a means of teaching. The Bachelors of Educational Technology aims to equip students with the knowledge and understanding of the latest trends and techniques in the interdisciplinary field of education. From the development and design of e-learning programs to special topics in games and simulation, students will gain the skills needed for the digital world.
  • To enhance appropriate technical, creative and analytical skills needed to enrich education systems in the region through design and use of current educational technologies.
  • Demonstrate and articulate the skills necessary to contribute to positive learning environments through the use of educational technology.
  • Demonstrate the skills and knowledge to remain current in the field and appropriately apply technologies to specific educational contexts.
Required Credit Hours: minimum 126 hours


Established in 1976, the Ministry has a number of departments, including the CAA, which provides institutional licensure and degree for private universities

Entry Requirements


PBT 500 | iBT 61 | IELTS ACA. 5.0 | PEARSON 44 | IESOL B1/B2 | CAMBRIDGE 154