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American University in the Emirates

American University in the Emirates

Professional Master in Sports Law

Sports law has become of the most important areas of law as a set of legal rules governing the   sports field, with its mass to attract a large sports contracts varied, and the emergence of a lot of problems associated with the world of sports, a phenomenon transfers ofplayers between clubs nationally and internationally, and insurance of sports injuries, and the phenomenon of doping Sports, and theprofession of sports medicine, and the high incidence of violence and rioting in the stadiums, and the multiplicity and complexity of thecases of sports civil liability, and increased violations sporting regulations, and then multiple images of crimes committed because ofsports or Bmnasptha, as a new means of marketing, and the other in advertising, and a third in popping media   , publishing and broadcasting monopoly exclusive games, and the exploitation of celebrity sports stars, and took a lot of contracts and behaviors related to starness players, and they pose the role of inevitable in moving this huge investment the wheel . The activities that the sports law organized by interested and associated with the sport, took take place in the job market today, in the presence of a lot of bodies , national and international sports organizations, which are characterized as non - governmental organizations, along with the presence of government agencies concerned with sports such as the Ministry of Youth and Sports and its subsidiary bodies, make a lot of activities undertaken by these bodies need to be specialists rules governed by, the bases of the mathematical law, and the fact that our reality completely lacking in those who carry this jurisdiction, this program will provide thenew leaders of the movement sports Armed with the information important and Queen efficient to manage and organize various activities good experience associated with the sport.
Required Credit Hours: minimum 33 hours


Established in 1976, the Ministry has a number of departments, including the CAA, which provides institutional licensure and degree for private universities

Entry Requirements


Bachelor degree with cumulative GPA 3.0 OUT OF 4.0