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Master of Science in Engineering Systems Management

Today's engineers are routinely confronted with broader job responsibilities that require them to combine managerial aspects with technical aspects. Since its launch in 2002 as the first program of its kind in the entire region, our Engineering Systems Management (ESM) master's degree has become one of the most popular graduate degrees at AUS. The demand for our program remains high with an average of 25 students enrolling in it every year. Our program has become the premier choice for engineers whose goal is to work in areas that integrate technical engineering skills with managerial and economics skills. Our curriculum is designed to enhance management and technical skills of all engineers, regardless of their discipline, to meet the needs of the marketplace in the UAE and other Gulf countries. Our highly qualified faculty members, modern laboratories and resource facilities and a dynamic curriculum that is in synch with the demands of the global market, has earned our program an enviable reputation throughout the region. Statistics show that 75 percent of all engineers in the UAE assume management responsibility within the first five years of professional practice. And that is precisely why our program ensures that our students are equipped with the right tools to deal successfully with all the professional challenges that come their way. Our multidisciplinary program is dedicated to integrating management skills with technical knowledge from different engineering disciplines for the purpose of accomplishing work activities and entire projects more economically and productively. Our program encompasses:
  • The integration of system elements-people, information, hardware, software, energy, economics and processes-to manage technology, work activities and projects in public and private sectors.
  • The development of realistic alternatives, use of practical decision criteria and the implementation of the selected alternatives.
  • The identification, collection and analysis of engineering and other information to make technically feasible and financially sound rational decisions
  • The operation and re-engineering of a broad spectrum of products and processes
We believe that a graduate of our MSESM program should be able to successfully:
  • Apply the techniques, tools and skills engineering systems management to address real-world problems
  • Conduct economic and financial analysis of projects and engineering operations
  • Function as an effective member of a multidisciplinary team and communicate effectively in both written and verbal forms
  • Recognize professional and ethical responsibilities and act accordingly within a global and social context
  • Engage in theoretical and applied research projects
Required Credit Hours: minimum 36 hours