Master of Business Administration (Insurance & Banking)

The Banking & Insurance sector is a crucial component of the global economy with the promise of phenomenal growth as individuals, corporations and institutions across all sectors demand more need based specialized services. Banking plays an important role in safeguarding the economy's M1 money supply while insurance contributes to economic growth by improving the investment climate and promoting more business. Thus, Banking & Insurance form two of the most vital aspects of a thriving economy and an elite career option for professionals with the right degree. According to a recent Mckinsey report, Banking industries will double its revenues and profits by 2016. Retail banking in the UAE is expected to grow by 10% p.a.

Branches in Banking & Insurance

Today an individual can access a variety of job roles in the Banking & Insurance sector, such as: Banking: Banking Sales, Phone Banking/ Transactions Processes, Personal Banking & Wealth Management, Wholesale & Corporate Banking - including Treasury, Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, Capital Markets, Rural & Agricultural Banking, and SME Finance. Insurance: Sales, Operations, Support Functions, Underwriting, and Actuary

Employment Prospects

Professionals can find lucrative opportunities in the area of retail banking, investment banking, merchant banking, treasury and Forex banking, all branches of insurance such as life Insurance, property insurance, automobile insurance, medical insurance etc. The rapidly growing field of financial and investment services is also attracting many reputed firms and independent consultants.

Additional Skills Required

Those joining this profession should have a mathematical aptitude, well-organised mind with an eye for detail. It helps in maintenance of records accurately and neatly. Duration 2 Years Full-time or part-time equivalent