Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Amity University Dubai, is designed to meet the business challenges of the 21st century. The MBA programme delivers graduates who are ready to succeed in a highly competitive and rapidly changing business climate. The goal of our MBA programme is to prepare students for upper management and executive-level positions by developing key managerial competencies—including critical thinking, systems thinking, team building, decision making, and ethical leadership—that can be applied in any type of business enterprise.

Role of Managers

Modern world Organisations are demanding business leaders who thrive in a complex and globally diverse environment. Describing what managers do isn't an easy or simple task! Just as no two organizations are alike, no two managers' jobs are alike. But management writers and researchers have, after many years of study, developed some specific categorization schemes to describe what managers do. Because organizations exist to achieve some particular purpose, someone must clearly define that purpose and the means for its achievement. Manager is that "someone". Managers are responsible for arranging work to accomplish the organization's goals. Every organization includes people, and a manager's job is to work with and through people to accomplish organizational goals. Finally, there has to be some evaluation of whether things are going as planned. To ensure that work is going as it should, managers monitor and evaluate performance.

Employment Prospects

The learning experience at Amity will help participants enhance their skills and competencies and boost their opportunities for professional development in their careers. It will help them in becoming effective leaders in dealing with the ever-challenging dynamic work environment.


Finance & Accounting, Human Resource Management, Marketing & Sales, Production & Operations Management.
Additional Skills Required
Participants joining this progamme should have a basic understanding of the running of business organizations, and be able to relate concepts to actual practice. Furthermore, they will be required to possess an analytical mind to comprehend various real-life business scenarios. Duration 2 years Required Credit Hours: minimum hours