Master of Business Administration (Entrepreneurship)

Among the many benefits that a globalized economy has produced in recent years, the most promising has been the growth of self-propelled enterprises. There is room in many economies throughout the globe for entrepreneurship such as India, Brazil, UAE and the U.S. There are many industries where wealth creation is possible including the Internet and IT, personal services, media, engineering and many more.

The Role of Entrepreneurs

Unlike small businesses, entrepreneurial ventures are generally designed with a long-term strategy for expansion which potentially impacts the local economy and the community. Entrepreneurship provides greater opportunities for citizens by hiring more employees and eventually empowering the employees to start their own business. Research in this area has shown a strong correlation between regions with high entrepreneurial growth and those with high economic performance, owing largely to the large number of jobs created each year primarily by entrepreneurial businesses.

Employment Prospects

Entrepreneurship is an ideal choice for candidates wishing for career advancement in areas of venture capital, new business creation, emergent technology among others. Many potential employers choose candidates with MBA in Entrepreneurship as the degree focuses on creating, running and managing a business. These skills not only help in setting up new businesses but also help in creating innovative ideas in expanding existing business for the company. Candidates of MBA in Entrepreneurship are acknowledged to be the businessmen of the future.

Additional Skills Required

It's important to be savvy and understand what is and is not realistic. One needs to be hard-working, smart, creative, willing to take risks and good with people. Persons wishing to follow a career in entrepreneurship should combine management studies with education in any another core discipline like marketing, finance, human resources, operational management that is appropriate to the areas that interest them. Duration 2 Years Full-time or part-time equivalent Required Credit Hours: minimum hours