Master of Business Administration (Tourism Administration)

Travel and Tourism is the world's fastest growing Industry which is set to double by the year 2020 to be worth US$ 10.8 trillion. The UN's World Tourism Organization estimates that by 2020, the number of travelling tourists will approach 1.6 billion and worldwide employment in this field will rise to 296 million by 2018. The future is equally bright in UAE too. Tourism industry in the UAE is seeing investments worth US$ 100 billion in the next few years. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, 15 million tourists would have visited UAE by 2015.

Professional Branches in Travel & Tourism

The immense popularity of travel and tourism has led to the creation of separate genres such as:
  • Heritage Tourism
  • Eco Tourism
  • Adventure Tourism
  • Wildlife Tourism
  • Religious Tourism
  • Educational Tourism
  • Sports Tourism
  • Space Tourism
  • Culinary Tourism among others
Additional Skills Required The industry is highly competitive and the winner is the one who has access to a wide range of information, quick access to travel and transportation data and who can blend business skills with diplomacy. Essential qualities for success are excellent communication skills, enthusiasm to interact with people and social etiquettes.

Employment Prospects

Tourism professionals have the option to join travel agencies in the capacity of counter managers, marketing professionals, tour & experience guides, tour planners, reservation & booking staff etc. Professionals are also welcomed by airline companies for their in-flight/ and on-ground staff. Institutions such as banks and foreign exchange dealers with integrated services also hire tourism professionals for assisting clients and customers in their travel requirements. The new emerging profession of holiday consultants is also a lucrative career prospect. Tourism also offers ambitious professionals the platform to set-up and manage their own independent ventures. Duration 2 Years Full-time or part-time equivalent Required Credit Hours: minimum hours