Master of Business Administration (PR & Event Management)

PR & Events Management deals with the management of important social and corporate events like corporate conferences, marketing meets, seminars, workshops, product launches, mega shows & performances. The field has experienced a meteoric growth as more corporations, institutions and establishments have taken to enhancing image and reaching out to clients and customers through outdoor mediums. The last 15 years has witnessed a massive burgeoning growth of this specialized field of hospitality - about US$ 500 billion are spent annually on planned events around the world.

Role of Event Managers

An Event Manager is largely responsible for conceptualizing and developing the entire event from initiation to completion and takes into consideration all factors that make an event a success–designing the framework, preparing marketing plans, getting sponsors, working on logistics, hiring performers, advertising and finalizing every little aspect that goes into making an event a spectacular eye candy. An event manager requires a dash of leadership qualities, public relationship skills, marketing and business acumen, budgeting skills, risk management skills, and awareness about the media and its allied fields.

Growth Prospects

The rise in live entertainment shows, product launches, corporate events, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, carnivals, regional and national festivals has added tremendous impetus to the escalating growth of this profession. Career opportunities are in
  • Event Management Consultancy
  • Hotel, Travel and Hospitality Industries
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Public Relations Firms
  • News Media
  • NGOs
Additional Skills Required A person who is creative, has organizational skills, enjoys meeting people to form good inter-personal relationships and is willing to work hard to experience the thrill of achievement is rightly suited to make a career in this industry. Duration 2 Years Full-time or part-time equivalent