Master of Business Administration (Transport & Logistics)

In today's global market, logistics companies form the backbone of all supply chain management organizations. It is their responsibility to ensure the constant supply of raw materials and finished goods in perfect order from source to destination. However, managing the logistic operations, systems and processes with precision is a complex task and calls for high degree of specialization. A fact why small, medium and large global corporations such as DHL and FEDEX are increasingly making it their mandate to hire qualified logistics managers who are capable of effectively tackling the complexities of the trade. The global logistics industry is valued at US$ 3.5 trillion and is employing over 40 million people. Logistics market in UAE is also doing remarkably well and is expected to cross US$ 10 billion by 2015.

Role of Logistics Managers

The Logistics Manager is responsible for a wide task of activities which include: ensuring the delivery of goods, resources and services from the point of origin to end consumer; monitoring the levels of stock, re-ordering goods on behalf of the company; analyzing prevailing systems and networks; conceptualizing and executing plans for the development of new systems and networks for enhancing efficiency. The profitability of a business, along with consistent levels of customer satisfaction also depends to a great extent on the skills of the Logistics Manager.

Additional Skills Required

Students with managerial and co-ordination skills besides an analytical mind can excel in this field. Those with an interest in geographies of countries, states and cities find it easier to work in this field.

Employment Prospects

Career opportunities in logistics continue to grow. Even during downturns in the business cycle, when companies were cutting costs, the demand for able and experienced supply chain managers remained high. Multitudes of organisations worldwide from small firms to multinational companies, employ logistics managers. The organisations may range from wholesalers, manufacturers, local government, electricity suppliers, armed forces and charity institutions. The openings for a job in logistics may also extend to freight forwarders, retail managers and marketing executives. Duration 2 Years Full-time or part-time equivalent