Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical and Automation Engineering)

Why pursue B.Tech. in Mechanical and Automation Engineering?

• Mechanical Engineering is one of the novel branches of Engineering which have remained always in demand and continue to be in the future in different segments of the industry. • The total number of mechanical engineering jobs in 2015 was projected to grow 16% over the next decade in US, with average starting salaries being $68,000 per annum with a bachelor's degree. • According to Engineering UK’s report, ‘The State of Engineering 2015’, the UK will need to have recruited 1.82 million people with mechanical engineering skills from 2012–2022. And with only 100,000 people being recruited a year, the sector is falling far short. Duration: 4 years
Get ready for a rewarding career
Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest engineering disciplines which provides opportunities in many sectors like design, manufacturing, oil, gas, petrochemical, fluid mechanics, refrigeration & air-conditioning, power, renewable & alternate energy, electromechanical, quality control, defense, automobile, aerospace, robotics, steel plants, construction, railways, marine, material-handling & conveyor systems, transport & logistics, textile, research organizations etc. Mechanical Engineers are most wanted by all the industry types for designing, developing, testing, implementing and maintaining new technologies that increase the productivity of machineries, tools and equipment used in the all types of industries. Mechanical engineers also employed in product design, procurement, technical sales and management. Candidates having a creative and inventive mind find mechanical engineering a challenging and lucrative career. Required Credit Hours: minimum hours