3rd International Conference on Arabic Computational Linguistics

DateStart TimeEnd Time
Sunday, 05 Nov 201708:30 AM06:00 PMIndividual sessions timings and speakers are on the website
Monday, 06 Nov 201709:00 AM05:30 PMIndividual sessions timings and speakers are on the website
The British University in Dubai - Academic City - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

ACLing 2017 is the third edition of the Arabic Computational Linguistics series (ACLing). The conference aims to bring together leading academicians, scientists, researchers and practitioners from all over the world to exchange new ideas and the latest results in Arabic Computational Linguistics and NLP. This field has become increasingly important, as more and more Arabic information is now available through the Web, Social Media and Intranet services.  The scope of the conference encompasses the theory and practice of all aspects of Arabic Computational Linguistics in text, audio, image, and video. Arabic is the most prominent member of the Semitic family (and its dialects) which includes many languages and dialects spoken by a large number of native speakers (around 300 million). Arabic has a rich and productive pattern-based morphology and syntactic constructions. However, the Arabic language as a whole is still understudied and many of its computational systems are underdeveloped. The British University in Dubai has been chosen to organize and host the ACLing2017 conference because it has a mission of establishing itself as a provider of world-class scholarship, education, and research.

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