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Manipal University

Manipal University

Master of Commerce - Logistics & Supply Chain

Masters of Commerce ( ) – Logistics & Supply Chain Programme from School of Business,  Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai , Equips Students to

  • Take up leadership positions within the broad field of Supply Chain Management.
  • Teaches specialist skills in Procurement applying the concepts, techniques and principles.
  • Develop enhanced Quantitative and Qualitative skills to support decision making in Logistics and supply chain area within organization.
Required Credit Hours: minimum hours

Career Options

Logistics and supply chain management graduates are in high demand in private and public sectors throughout the world.

Examples of the rewarding career opportunities available within this diverse field include procurement manager, supply manager, supply chain director/manager, Logistics Manager, Supply Chain Strategist, export manager, operations manager, procurement manager, Project Manager, freight manager and consultant in Procurement & supply Chain Management.