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Master of Arts in Media & Communication

MA in Media and Communication is offered in the following streams:
  • Mass Communication
  • Journalism
  • Graphics & Animation
  • Media Studies
  • Publishing and Printing Technology
  • Television Production
  • Guest Lectures
  • Industrial visits
  • Mentorship, Mediator, and Moderator Mechanism
  • Mix of Practical & Theoretical Knowledge Dissemination
  • Participatory Peer2Peer Learning Environment through different activity Clubs
  • Pedagogy based on a mix of Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic cognitive learning styles/approach
  • Positive re-enforcement of academic research along with stress on hands-on approach
  • Self-Study Initiatives
  • Skill Development Seminars
  • Student-centered Learning Environment like multi-nodal approach
  • Workshops, Seminars, Presentations & Tutorials
  • Advertising or marketing specialist, copy writer, media planner, media buyer, creative director, media sales representative
  • Broadcasting station manager, film editor, news director, news writer, technical director, presenter, news anchor, public relations manager, casting director, news producer, business manager, and talk show host
  • Corporate public affairs specialist
  • Creative Writer, Analyst, Commentator and a literary/media Critic
  • Graphic artist, Animator, Visual Designer, Visual Director, Story-boarder, illustrator, web technologist
  • Journalist - reporter, editor, newscaster, script writer, publisher, news service researcher and technical writer
  • Media educationist
  • Media trainers, corporate communicators, multimedia designers, graphic designer, web & print production designer, and graphic animators
  • Media/Academic Researcher and Social Scientist
  • Social Media Professional/Manager
  • Television/Film Director, producer, production manager, publicity manager, media manager, media relations co-coordinator and media & audience analyst
  • Number of Internal Exams per subject in an Academic Semester: 03
  • External Exams for every subject: 01
  • Nature of Examination: depending on the nature of course paper a student will be evaluated on the basis of either/or Theory/Practical/Viva-Voice/Field praxis or a combination there of as mentioned in the course syllabus
  • Submission of portfolio of works done throughout the Semester
  • Presentation of findings (in case of Research oriented course-papers)
  • Defence of Thesis Project (as in case of students majoring in Television Production)
Required Credit Hours: minimum hours