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Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering

The four year B.Tech Chemical Engineering program provides theoretical knowledge, engineering principles, proven techniques, practical experience, and appropriate skills to the students to solve the problems in the field of Chemical Engineering. This program train the students  to design, manufacture, operate and control processes of industries such as petroleum, energy, power generation, mining and minerals, pharmaceuticals , biotechnology, paints, cement, fertilizers, textiles, polymers, environmental engineering and  food and agro-based technologies. KEY FEATURES OF THE PROGRAM:
  • Advanced Curriculum with the option for various minor specializations like Petroleum Engineering, Pollution Control, Business Management, and Environmental Biotechnology.
  • Options of various program electives.
  • Exposure to the Industry in the MENA region through Internships and Industry visits.
  • Opportunity to be a part of various professional societies and participate in various global competitions.
  • Experienced faculty team.
  • Extensive laboratories on campus for a complete hands on learning experience
  • Faculty Mentor Program to support student engagement and development
  • Strong Alumina Network
  CAREER OPPORTUNITIES The Chemical engineering graduates can pursue career in the following fields:
  • Oil and gas extraction, petroleum refineries, nuclear and other power generation.
  • Industries including pharmaceuticals, paint and coatings, agrochemicals, environmental health and safety sectors, fertilizer plants, plastic and yarn manufacturing companies.
  • Food and drink, toiletries, pulp and paper, health care, minerals and metals, fibers and polymers.
  • Design & development, construction and operation, consultancy and contracting firms.
  • Modern technology like nanotechnology, battery & fuel cells and biomedical engineering.
  • Education, Research and Development: Students  can go on to further study in the field of Chemical Engineering, Petrochemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Bio Mineral Processing, Biotechnology, Chemical Synthesis and Process Technologies, Fibers and Textile Processing Technology, Polymer Science, Clinical Engineering and Management, Instrumental Techniques in Chemical Analysis, Sugar Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, and Business Management.
MINOR SPECIALISATIONS This Program offers the following minor specializations
  • Environmental Biotechnology
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Pollution Control Engineering
  • Business Management