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Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing

Want to learn how to win friends and influence people? That is what Marketing is all about, influencing behaviour, attitudes and perceptions of people through various forms of communication. As a result everyday we are often the target of a variety of marketing communications that aim at changing our perceptions or altering our attitudes in order, in most cases, to make us buy a product or service. Marketing is obviously an essential role in all public and commercial organisations. Organisations manage their marketing activities to create customer satisfaction by building value relationships. Marketing Management identifies customer needs and wants, determines which target markets the organisation can best serve, and develops and manages the appropriate products, services and strategies to satisfy that market. Your study of Marketing will provide you with an understanding of marketing theory through practical applications of the marketing exchange processes using Product Development and Planning, Pricing Strategies, Integrated Marketing Communications and Distribution Channel Management.

What can you do with a Marketing degree?

Having a solid background in commerce, particularly if you have chosen to combine you’re Marketing degree with another major, makes you very employable. The following are just some of the professions you could consider:
  • Convention Services Manager;
  • Hotel Sales/Marketing Director;
  • Public Relations Manager;
  • Media Planner;
  • Media Buyer;
  • Market Research Analyst;
  • Advertising Manager;
  • Promotions Manager;
  • Sales Manager;
  • Marketing Manager