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Rochester Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Technologies

Networking, the technology of interconnecting computing devices so information can flow between them, includes the design, deployment, operation, and maintenance of computing networks using developed components. This includes activities as simple as topology design to those as complex as the configuration of services and protocols to enable an entire intranet and the support of that environment. As the number of computing devices in the network scales up, the task becomes more difficult, involving design trade-offs, performance considerations, and cost issues. Systems administration includes the system design, installation, configuration, operation, and support of computing system platforms from mobile devices, servers, and large-scale systems to the deployment of clouds and the use of virtualization. This includes the specification and implementation of all the hardware and software structures required to support and deploy these environments. These disciplines are also concerned with the security and privacy of the information that is stored on these platforms and communicated over the networks they are attached to. In today’s information-rich environment, computing systems exist at the heart of a network and often work together to provide services as well as repositories for information. Students will take all of this into consideration as they design and deploy secure system and network solutions in support of an organization's strategic and tactical goals.
Required Credit Hours: minimum 126 hours


Accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education- Higher Education Affairs
Licensed by the KHDA

Career Options

They will have the opportunity to work in small- to large-scale companies in any industry segment that interests them.