AUS signs Sharakah agreement with Al Zuhour Private School

Monday 25th of December 2017 10:58
American University of Sharjah (AUS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Al Zuhour Private School, to enable future partnerships and provide a framework of cooperation between the two educational institutions. The partnership is part of the Sharakah program, a strategic initiative by the Office of Enrolment Management at AUS to promote sustainable partnerships with selected schools from across the United Arab Emirates. Present at the signing ceremony were Dr. Susan L. Karamanian, Provost; Ali Shuhaimy, Executive Director, Office of Enrollment Management; and Mohamed Motawea, Principal of Al Zuhour Private School. Commenting on the agreement, Shuhaimy said:
“AUS is very pleased to add Al Zuhour Private School to our Sharakah Program. The program includes select schools that collaborate with AUS to enrich the educational experience of students and school teachers."

"Including Al Zuhour Private School will further support the objectives of the program and provide an opportunity for both sides to benefit from each other’s experiences.” The agreement will include a partnership in the recruitment of outstanding students from varied socio-cultural and economic backgrounds to AUS. Additionally, it will include the university offering workshops to teachers and students of Al Zuhour Private School; patronage of selected research, cultural, social and sporting activities and events organized by the school; partial scholarships to distinguished students selected from lists provided by the school; and university preparation courses as well as SAT and TOEFL preparation courses to students from the partner school, as needed.