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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

The heart of the program consists of fundamental courses in the main areas of mathematics (numerical analysis, algebra, analysis), together with a variety of specialized, elective courses. It is complemented by supportive courses from other departments, in addition to the University general education requirements. Opportunities for internship and research are given, preparing students for the job market and for higher studies. With a pedagogy emphasizing students’ learning outcomes and encouraging the use of technology, students are aided in developing quantitative skills and an ability to think clearly and critically about complex problems, while communicating results with precision.

Program Objectives

  • Offer a breadth of courses which will allow each student to develop quantitative skills, an ability to think clearly, to be proficient in the use of technology, and to have excellent problem solving skills.
  • Foster within each student an aesthetic appreciation for the logical foundation of mathematics.
  • Emphasize problem solving strategies in all courses in order to develop each student's capacity for independent use of the contents of the course.
  • Foster the development of each student's communication skills.
  • Foster the development of each student's learning skills and help them synthesize knowledge in order to move to higher levels of independent learning.


Required Credit Hours: minimum 120 hours