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About the College

The biotechnology college, on the other hand, is committed to produce well educated Biotechnology graduates with a scientific background and laboratory skills to render them competent to solve problems,
conduct research, and create goods and services in the various fields of biotechnology nationally regionally and internationally. the college aims at fostering local talent within its various fields by sowing in them the seeds of scientific know-how and investigation, and thereby preparing them to take global challenges.
The college has collaborations with various scientific organizations and institutes as uae gda (genetic disease association), police academy, cvrl (central veterinary research laboratory), date palm research culture laboratory etc. research is an essential element of the department and the faculty members of the department of biotechnology have been actively engaged in various research projects and have been publishing their research findings in leading peer reviewed scientific journals. the college team work hand in hand to achieve the following objectives:
  1. to provide technical programs based on local, regional, and international employment needs for students seeking immediate employment upon graduation.
  2. to develop and maintain a transfer program responsive to the needs of students pursuing biotechnology baccalaureate and master’s degree.
  3. to actively seek funding for projects and programs supportive of and compatible with the university and its mission.
  4. to develop scholarships for distinguished students with outstanding records.
  5. provide internships and training enrollment with programs that are career oriented.

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