Exclusive video interview with Dr Yousef Al-Assaf, President - RIT Dubai

Sunday 1st of April 2018 11:02

Dr. Yousef Al-Assaf discusses what distinguishes RIT Dubai from other universities in the UAE, on how they select the programs they're offering, Dr. Yousef also talks about the future of RIT, the Initiative they do for their graduates to secure them jobs, the quality of their faculty and also who their Strategic partners are.

RIT Dubai was established in 2008, is a not-for-profit global campus of the esteemed Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, one of the world’s leading technological-focused universities with a storied 185-year history. RIT Dubai offers highly valued Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in business and leadership, engineering, and computing. The curriculum provides students with relevant work experience through an innovative cooperative education program that helps students stand out in today’s highly completive job market. RIT Dubai offers American degrees, and all of RIT’s programs are UAE accredited. Students of RIT Dubai also have the unique opportunity to choose to study abroad at the main campus in New York or at one of its other global campuses Excellence in education is RIT Dubai’s highest priority, with a competitive and selective admission process to ensure an engaged and diverse student body. The faculty consists of outstanding professors from the United States, the Middle East, and around the world.

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