Master of Science in Teaching and Learning

The Master of Science (M.S.) in Teaching and Learning program is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of practicing professional teachers. The master’s degree is for  experienced teachers who want to learn the best of what research shows about the science and practice of learning and teaching. Research shows that the quality of a student‘s teacher affects that student through a lifetime. Today‘s school reform has shifted attention from how teachers teach to how students learn and what teachers must know and be able to do to facilitate student learning. Teachers must understand student development and how students learn. Qualified teachers are the key to economic success of any country. Teachers have need for continuous renewal of teaching skills and expertise. In particular, teachers need to upgrade their knowledge regarding what the World Bank (2008) calls transversal skills that will enable secondary school graduates to adapt to changes in society and the labor market. Teaching these skills requires a paradigm shift in pedagogy to include “inquiry-based learning and the adaptation of teaching to the learning capacity of individual students” and the new pedagogy requires new competencies of teachers. The Master of Science in Teaching and Learning is a professional degree that incorporates research about the practice of teaching and how students learn. Students who complete the   degree will be prepared to be teacher leaders, professional  development leaders, or supervisors/technical assistance providers in their school. The program is based on the best of what is known from research about how students learn and pedagogical processes. Required Credit Hours: minimum hours