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The College of Sustainability Sciences and Humanities (CSSH) houses two Departments: Humanities and Social Sciences and Natural Science and Public Health. CSSH is grounded in the U.A.E.’s determination to build a sustainable future while preserving the integrity of its traditions. The College offers undergraduate and graduate degrees and minors in key areas that promote the study of issues related to environmental, social, cultural, and economic sustainability. Thus, the majors in the College take a broad multidisciplinary approach to identifying and addressing the complex, intertwined areas of modern society and its sustainable relationship to the natural environment. CSSH students are uniquely equipped, through both research and internship experience, to understand and to work at the intersections of the traditional disciplines of the cultural, economic, humanitarian, political, scientific, and technological fields. Mission The College of Sustainability Sciences and Humanities seeks to educate graduates who have acquired the knowledge and skills needed for successful careers and leadership roles and have developed the capacity for lifelong learning, regardless of a student’s major. It also seeks to contribute to the advancement of the U.A.E. through research, service, and outreach activities that advance the development of the nation’s intellectual assets. The College’s programmatic mission includes three different but related goals:

  • To offer interdisciplinary majors and minors, some in collaboration with other Colleges, that are intellectually and socially meaningful and prepare students for current and future career opportunities.
  • To enhance the general knowledge of all University students by contributing to a range of core curriculum courses that bolster both subject knowledge and skills development.
  • To serve the needs of the professional colleges and support their programs by providing elective courses in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences and public health.

Academic Programs The College offers five academic majors, these lead to baccalaureate degrees in International Studies (Department of Humanities and Social Sciences), Environmental Science and sustainability (Department of Natural Science and Public Health), Public Health and Nutrition (Department of Natural Science and Public Health), Emirati Studies (joint with Colleges of Communication, and Psychology) and Human Services (joint with College of Education). The departments responsible for the exclusive degrees— Humanities and Social Sciences and Natural Science and Public Health—are featured on pages 97-109, where full descriptions of the degrees appear. The College of Sustainability Sciences and Humanities offers two degrees jointly with other colleges: Emirati Studies, and Psychology and Human Services.

 Academic Departments

3 Undergraduate Programs 3 Graduate Programs