Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Specialization in Security and Network Technologies

This specialization prepares students to protect and secure information systems from threats and attacks. Students also learn to apply IT in the design and development of secure computer networks and telecommunications. CIT 215 Computing Foundations CIT 245 Web Development CIT 255 Networks and Telecommunications CIT 315 Operating Systems Administration CIT 320 Programming and Problem Solving CIT 335 Information Security Technologies CIT 350 Communication Networks I CIT 355 Communication Networks II CIT 430 Information Security Management Plus One CIT Elective Plus One Specialization Elective The Security and Networking Technologies Specialization Electives are: CIT 330 Ethical Hacking & Countermeasures CIT 450 Communication Networks III CIT 435 Digital Forensics Foundations CIT 455 Wireless Sensor Networks Required Credit Hours: minimum hours