Bachelor of Science in Communication and Media Sciences - Converged Media

Converged Media is an emerging form of media, which combines different forms of journalism, such as print, photography, and video, into one piece or group of pieces. This specialization will prepare students to lead the philosophical and technological initiatives of traditional mass media players—newspapers, broadcasters, magazines—and will provide students with the skills to examine and develop new digital mass media systems and to revamp existing media products to address the needs of a new digital media market. It will explore the effects of digital technology on traditional forms of media as well as the way in which new forms of cultural representations are created, consumed, and shared. With the Converged Media specialization, students can work at any and all local and regional media companies (radio, TV, newspaper, magazine, online) especially in the online production side where the need for staff is considerable. As students choosing this specialization will be skilled in gathering information, as well as producing for the various new media outlets, their abilities will be useful for a wide variety of employers. Graduates in Converged Media are well suited for professional positions in multimedia, news journalism, magazine and book publishing, and the development of web pages and interactive sites. Required Credit Hours: minimum hours