Bachelor of Science in Communication and Media Sciences - Film and Video Communications

Film and Video Communications brings together film, broadcast (video and audio) media, and photojournalism. The specialization in Film and Video Communications (FVC) provides students with a strong grounding in writing, theory, critical skills, production skills, and business models. Film and Video Communications will be the specialization of choice for students who are interested in planning, creating, producing, and critiquing visual messages through the use of audio, video, text, and still photography. This specialization reflects the synergy and compatibility that exists between these fields. The emphasis of this specialization is on the creation of informative and persuasive messages using still and video images. With this focus, students become adept at the use of still photography and videography in mass and new media and develop both skills and portfolios in each. Graduates in Film and Video Communications are well suited for professional positions in broadcast journalism (both audio and video) as well as media management, film, documentary and video editing and production, programming, photojournalism, and freelance photography. Required Credit Hours: minimum hours