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Master of Human Resource Management

Program Mission
Today’'s business climate demands individuals who are equipped to manage human capital. The Master of Human Resources Management is a specialized program focusing on the effective management of a firm’s ‘people’ resource. This program offers its students unique opportunities for advanced education in the field of human resource management, as well as opportunities for leadership growth at personal and professional levels. It also aims to develop in the students the attributes of effective decision-making, financial awareness, strategic thinking and a global perspective.
Program Objective
To prepare students for successful HRM careers in the UAE and internationally
To equip MHRM students with essential business knowledge, managerial skills, and professional values.
To create an environment supporting academic, professional, and personal growth and success of our MHRM students. Required Credit Hours: minimum 33 hours

Career Options

Graduates of this program are well placed to take up careers in human resources management and other management roles that demand an understanding of the human element of business. You will be able to use this flexible degree to succeed in a large and diverse range of public and private organizations such as banks, government entities, oil companies, education institutions, utility companies, property developers, insurance companies, airlines, hospitals, financial institutions, investment companies, construction companies, engineering companies, energy companies and international consulting firms.

Entry Requirements

Bachelor Degree:

in a directly related discipline with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 on a 4.00-point scale, from an accredited university recognized by the UAE’s Ministry of Education- Higher Education Affairs.

English Proficiency Tests:

with a minimum score range of 1400 - 1525 on the English language portion of the EmSAT examination, or its equivalent on other national or internationally-recognized tests that are approved by the CAA, such as TOEFL scores of 213 CBT (Computer-Based Test), 79 IBT (Internet-Based Test), 550 PBT (Paper-Based Test), or 6.0 IELTS (taken at Amideast).