Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering

The mission of the biomedical engineering program is to produce graduates equipped with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for pursuing a successful professional career in the healthcare industry. The program also prepares its students for graduate studies.
Program Educational Objectives
The objective of the biomedical engineering program is to produce graduate who are equipped with:
  • knowledge and skills in engineering and life sciences which will enable them to bridge the gap between conventional engineering and life science for applications in healthcare and medicine
  • technical skills required for using modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.
  • skills to communicate effectively
  • skills to work with professionals from a variety of backgrounds in multidisciplinary teams
  • a strong sense of professional ethics
  • skills and knowledge which will enable them to engage in life-long learning
Career Opportunities
Graduates will be qualified to work in the following areas:
  • Healthcare facilities: biomedical engineering graduates are ideally suited to work as design and maintenance engineers for healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics
  • Manufacturer’s representatives and sales engineers: biomedical graduates have the technical knowledge required to communicate with a variety of health-care professionals, which enables them to act as representatives for manufacturers and suppliers of medical equipment and services
  • Design and development: biomedical engineering graduates can work in companies on the design, development and testing of medical devices and systems.
  • Management: program engineering graduates background in technology will allow them to be trained as managers in organizations dealing with healthcare and biological products
  • Consultancy: biomedical engineering graduates are able to join consultancy agencies which provide advice for healthcare authorities regarding standards and quality evaluation of clinical facilities and services.
Required Credit Hours: minimum hours