Master of Science in Urban Design

The program is designed to provide a higher level of education and expertise on urban design issues. There is currently no higher education establishment in the UAE that offers such a program despite the fact that urban design projects are everywhere and they are driving the economy of the country forward. Program Objectives The program's goal is to provide the community with highly qualified professionals who can deal with the complex issues of urban environment and cities. The program places special emphasis on preparing students to play a leading role working within professional organizations in fields related to architecture and the urban environment. Specialization Courses Graduates of architecture, civil engineering, and other related professions do not usually possess the skills and knowledge required to design large and multi-building projects, or buildings in critical locations, in the context of the complex issues of the urban environment, thus the following specialization courses of the program are designed to redress this gap in skill and knowledge.
Required Credit Hours: minimum 36 hours
Required Credit Hours: minimum hours