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Master of Science in Health Care Management

UMS- college of business administration presents master of science in health care management, which focuses on financial management processes in health organizations.
students of this distinct master’s program can get the scientific information and knowledge needed in health service market on all levels, the impacts on communities and the economic movement in all of its branches.
The Master’s programs depend on studying and analyzing the reality of different health organizations including public institutions, non-profitable and joint health organizations, in addition to the small and newly-established health institutions, which provide health services. curricula focus on processes of markets analysis, as they focus on problems and set the strategies needed to manage them, in addition to providing the creative solutions for increasing productivity and achieving high rates of profits, and distinctively providing the free services in the uae and gulf countries in line with the best health institutions in the world. Master's program prepares students to occupy management positions in health institutions directly, or occupy advisory and financial positions in various health and non-health institutions. health management has become the most important department in the various major institutions in the world. Master of science in health care management presents the knowledge and the ability needed to manage people of different health specializations; medicine, nursing and dentistry. the program is tailored for those who aspire to build a promising future in health institutions management. Master of science in health care management is divided into the following specialties:
  1. Public administration.
  2. Public health.
  3. Health management.
  4. Hospitals managemen
Required Credit Hours: minimum 42 hours