Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Human Services

The College of Education and College of Sustainability Sciences and Humanities jointly offer the B.S. with a major in Psychology and Human Services. This degree develops the skills necessary for entry level service jobs counseling needed by various sectors in the United Arab Emirates. This degree also provides the foundations necessary for graduate work in psychology, counseling, or a related field. The degree program has been developed in such a way that it makes available a rigorous joint curriculum that prepares the students to enter the workforce or proceed to graduate school. This degree program includes practical experiences related to courses that support development of skills in assessment, use of intervention strategies, and service learning. In addition to the above majors, the College offers a range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary courses in the Colloquy curriculum, as well as support courses for majors in the other colleges. Descriptions for all courses offered by the college are to be found later in this catalog. Each program and major has its own set of learning outcomes that define the scope of knowledge and skills which arise in that discipline and which provide the necessary knowledge base for the successful pursuit of careers or advanced study in those fields. Required Credit Hours: minimum hours