Bachelor of Science in Public Health and Nutrition

The focus of this degree is the health status of individuals and communities and the wide variety of policies and activities that are designed to create awareness of health issues, prevent illness, and improve health status. Poor health and disease are major concerns in the U.A.E and the number of U.A.E residents suffering from chronic diseases is expected to continue to rise. As a result, there is a need for public health and nutrition specialists who can deal with the rising incidence of non- communicable diseases in the U.A.E. Knowledge and skills are developed that enable graduates to work effectively with decision-makers, professionals, and others in the community to analyze public health and nutrition issues in different settings and create and manage programs to enhance health and well- being. In addition to a solid basis in science, students will learn essential practical skills to allow them to take up employment in the diverse areas of the health sector with specific emphasis on public health and nutrition. These will include the study of the role of nutrition in disease prevention, clinical nutrition and therapeutic diets, food safety, community health and nutrition and nutrition and health counseling, as well as health education and health promotion. Career opportunities exist in a wide range of settings that include local hospitals, government ministries, clinics, schools, and private sector organizations. For students who wish to pursue a clinical career in hospitals, the incorporation of a clinical internship, lasting 6-12 months, is necessary after completion of the degree. Required Credit Hours: minimum hours