Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering - Communication

The mission of the Communication Engineering program is to provide high quality communication engineering education to its students. It places special emphasis on developing the technical as well as generic skills of its students so that they are well qualified for immediate employment in their area of specialization and can contribute effectively to the advancement of the community. It also aims to prepare its students for graduate study in communication engineering.
Program Educational Objectives
The communication engineering program aims to produce graduates who have:
  • strong foundation of basic sciences and mathematics and are able to apply this knowledge to analyze and solve engineering problems
  • broad theoretical as well as practical knowledge related to communication engineering specialization
  • skills needed for designing, analyzing, and trouble-shooting communication circuits or systems
  • proficiency in computer aided design tools and software packages to design projects or systems to meet specified requirements
  • good communication skills and ability to work effectively as team members
  • the generic skills needed to function in the multidisciplinary, diverse, competitive and fast-changing engineering environment of the UAE
  • abilities for critical thinking, lifelong learning, and updating of technical knowledge while working as professional engineers
Program Outcomes
The above-mentioned goals will be achieved through the following program objectives:
  • Develop skills in analysis, design and implementation of logic circuits.
  • Provide an understanding of the organization and interaction of various parts of a computer system.
  • Develop an ability to design a software component and implement it using a high level programming language.
  • Provide an understanding of how computers communicate in a network
  • Develop skills in implementing client/server based local area networks
  • Provide knowledge and hands-on practice on securing LANs using Routers and Firewalls.
  • Develop an ability to formulate and explain a solution to a technical problem orally and in writing.
  • Develop self-learning skills by searching for information and acquiring knowledge independently.
Career Opportunities
Graduates of the communication engineering specialization can pursue careers in a wide range of areas, such as:
  • local or international telecommunication companies to work as design, maintenance or marketing engineers
  • digital data communication industry including computer networks
  • mobile telephone industry
  • television and radio stations
Required Credit Hours: minimum 138 hours